Day 9: Meet the team and introduce yourself 🙌

  • 15 December 2021
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Day 9: Meet the team and introduce yourself 🙌
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The Refresh Community team was enwrapped by the festive spirit last week! ⛄️🎁🎄

While most of us are working virtually and from different parts of India, we took an opportunity to connect over call and celebrate the season together. We were able to capture a few magical moments. Here’s a look behind the scenes - 

Meet The Community Crew


Top left: @annapoorna.v  boss lady and all-round hustler
Top center: @SanaSiddiqui  the executive party planner
Top right: @ThatCommunityGuy  the star tech and go-to fixer
Middle left: @Yasasree the always-on-the-go Crew Chief
Middle center: @rashmi.nag  the queen of all things Community 
Middle right: @alyssia.correa  the supreme motivator and mentor 
Bottom left: @Arvind Ramamurti the dog dad, e
xcel-arrator and team energizer
Bottom right: @rhea.desouza the Community's star wordsmith and not-so-secret festive elf

Do you have any plans with your team this festive season? Introduce yourself in the comments section and tell us! 

9 replies

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Grateful for a wonderful team! I’m here for it 🔥

@rhea.desouza Thanks for great team and I’m a newbie at this forum….

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Wonderful.... Happy holidays 🎉🎉

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@rhea.desouza Thanks for great team and I’m a newbie at this forum….

Welcome to the Refresh Community! We are happy to have you here - If there is anything the team can help you with, please reach out. 
Hope this platform gives you the opportunity to network, learn and grow :blush:

Here’s a great way to get started - 

Chapter 1: Stand out with a Community profile 

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Wonderful.... Happy holidays 🎉🎉

Happy holidays to you! :gift:

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Team work makes the dream work!! Grateful for our wonderful team and community! Happy Holidays everyone - we wish you all a fantastic 2022! :sparkler::tada:


Hey I’m a newbie at this forum hope we will learn new things as well with the passage of time….

Thank all of you guys in this. I'm happy to be  apart of this.Lets make it work. So appreciated. 

Thank you guys so much I really appreciate this.