Holiday Gifting Guide: The Perfect Gift for your IT Agents

  • 22 December 2021
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Holiday Gifting Guide: The Perfect Gift for your IT Agents
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While we all gear up for the holiday season and welcome the brand new year, expressing gratitude in our own small ways to those who make our work lives simpler and efficient - our IT Agents! :hugging:

The perfect holiday gift for IT agents exists! ‘Tis the season to delight your support agents with:
💡Insight, and 
🌸Emotional wellbeing

Read through our visual cards to find out more!

In addition to a warm blanket, a holiday watchlist, and a steaming cup of hot cocoa, IT agents could also use these service management functions for an extra merry holiday season:

  1. A self-service portal to avoid shoulder tapping incidents

  2. An enriched knowledge base to deflect tickets.

  3. Workflow automators to reduce manual efforts

  4. An extra pair of (virtual) hands to power through the holiday requests

  5. Milk, cookies, and a large serving of enhanced employee experience

If you are an IT agent, share your holiday season wish list in the comments below! :heart_exclamation:

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