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  • 20 May 2021
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Hello there,

Welcome to Freshworks Academy Community, a great place to learn and share everything you know. Please introduce yourselves and say hello to your peers around here. Use this template or write your own: 

What’s your name: 
Where are you from and what’s your current role at your company: 
What is that one goal you have for 2021: 

Akshara Sruthi
Community Manager @ Freshworks Academy

9 replies

hello...i’m Sonaise, i’m from Indonesia

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Hi @sonaise, welcome onboard. We’re very excited to have you here.  

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Hi there! I am Divya, a copywriter at Freshworks Academy. My goal for 2021 is to become a better learner and focus on UX writing.

Hi! I’m Chianne from MobyMax where I serve as the Support Operations Manager. We just won a CODiE award for Best Customer Experience, so I’m pretty pleased with 2021 so far! 

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Hi @chianne.shepherd!


That’s incredible! Congratulations to you and the entire team at MobyMax! 


We would love to hear more about how you’re scaling & providing the best customer experience to your users and I’m sure the community will benefit immensely too! So please do share some best practices & ideas!




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Welcome to our community, @chianne.shepherd. Can’t wait to host our coffee chats with you :heart_eyes:

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My name is Zach. I am from Stevensville, Michigan USA and I currently work as a Level II Software Administrator/Developer.

One goal I hope to achieve during 2021 is to learn a new Javascript Framework.

Happy to meet you all. 

Take care,


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Hey @zachary.king, welcome onboard. I'm wishing you luck to achieve all your goals in 2021. See you soon at our Coffee Chat. 🎈🎉☕️


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This is Vijay from Bangaloe, India.

I am working as Senior Associate consultant @ BMC Software. My skills include below and still in the process of learning Freshworks products.


BMC Helix | AR System | ITSM | DWP | DWP-A | SmartIT | Smart Reporting | SLM | SRM | BMC Certified Professional | ITIL V3 | PWA | Freshdesk expert certified | Freshservice expert certified11:57 AM