Community Matters | Episode 2: Reimagining ITSM with Online Communities ft. Stephen Mann | WATCH NOW!

  • 17 August 2021
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Community Matters | Episode 2: Reimagining ITSM with Online Communities ft. Stephen Mann | WATCH NOW!
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We’re back with Episode 2 of Community Matters, a series of Fireside chats with industry experts to know more about the importance of online communities.

On August 26, 2021, IT Analyst, Stephen Mann @manns will be joining us for a live conversation around recent IT trends and the influence of online communities in fostering peer-to-peer support among IT professionals.

Here is your chance to ask him anything around IT Service Management, employee experience and wellbeing, online communities and more. Please post your questions as comments below.

Episode 2: Reimagining ITSM with Online Communities

IT service management is continuously evolving. Organizations are taking steps to ensure meeting higher employee expectations, while adapting to workplace reconstruction. A critical piece of the puzzle, sometimes overlooked, involves sharing resources and engaging with peers to achieve efficiency. Join us for a fireside chat with IT analyst, Stephen Mann, in our second episode of ‘Community Matters’ as we reimagine the world of ITSM with online communities. In the session, we discuss

  • Digital transformation and new trends in the IT industry

  • The importance of self-service and online communities

  • Collaboration among peers and giving back to the ITSM community

WATCH THE FIRESIDE CHAT! :point_down_tone3:



8 replies

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Looking forward to this fireside conversation. 

My question to Stephen and others in the community as well, would be ‘With the plethora of information available for easy access to people, how can someone who is just getting started with understanding and learning about IT industry effectively utilise and benefit from it?’

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  1. How can we (as responsible members of a community) ensure that online forums and communities not become another source of information overwhelm to the users?
  2. What are some challenges we foresee in the IT/ technology space in the next few years?
  3. What are your tips or takeaways for anyone starting new in the ITSM industry?

My question for Stephen:

What are some of the barriers to achieve success with AI adoption, and what steps can be taken to overcome them?

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Tagging a few folks who’d be interested in registering for the Fireside Conversation with Stephen Mann @manns:

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Thanks for the tag! Registered for this. Looking forward to the conversation :)

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Please continue to log questions here - we might not have all the answers but we do know where to find out the stuff that we don’t know :relaxed:

Thanks, Stephen.

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Thank you to everyone who joined us live for today’s Fireside Chat with Stephen Mann! :smiley:

@manns, it was a truly insightful session with a lot of learning. Thanks for doing this for us. 

For those who couldn’t join the live, you can anytime watch the conversation on Youtube! We’ve also added it to this post on top. 

If you have any further questions for Stephen around today’s chat, feel free to post them here and he’ll be answering them for you.

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Thank you to everyone who attended the live broadcast. If you have questions that weren’t answered, then please drop them in here.