#TechTuesday - Let the games begin! 🤩🎯🌟

  • 8 February 2022
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Hello and welcome back :) 

In this week’s episode of Apps and Integrations, we want to highlight a very important motto - Work hard, play hard, relax hard. We hope all you Community members are taking the much needed time off to refresh and rejuvenate. Be it through meditation, walks, books, or sleep; to each their own. We’re pretty sure wordle is on the list for many of you. If you aren’t hooked on this viral wave yet, do give it a try. (Nope not an ad, just an enthusiastic lover of the game)

So we thought why not bring a fun word game to this space! :grin:

Join us as we kickstart the #TechTuesday series wherein we bring you a host of games and puzzles with an interesting tech twist.


In today’s edition, we have the ‘Appy Word Search. Hidden in it are the names of some of the most popular apps and integrations on the Freshworks Marketplace. Find as many as you can and tell us in the comments below. 

Ready. Set. Go.  :stars:

4 replies

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@Avinab That’s awesome, almost found most of them. :100:

Community fam, there a few tough ones still in there. Let’s see who can crack it. :medal:

parcelhub, injixo, gooddata, shopify, knowlarity, splashtop, trustpilot, pagerduty, line, babelconnect, textline, xoxoday, Knowmax, Automox, Teamviewer

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@zachary.king Wow that’s a pretty great start! :clap_tone3:

We are excited to see you guys find more. :smile:

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Hey Everyone, took just few minutes and saw these to start with: Teamviewer, Shopify, PagerDuty, Splashtop, GoodData, TrustPilot, XoxoDay, KnowMax, TextLine, Automox. Have fun finding the rest :sunglasses: