Disabling inbound emails

  • 8 February 2019
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Hi everyone. We are new to Freshdesk and busy familiarising ourselves with the admin portal and config. 

One thing we would like to be able to do is disable the ability for contacts to send emails into Freshdesk. 

Is it as simple as deleting all the "Global Support Emails" in


In the absence of being able to disable the global support email as a temporary measure, would we be able to re-create our default global support email at a later date with the same details ?

Many thanks,

1 reply


Hi @mark.slater ,


Apologies for the delayed response. Hope you were able to figure this out with the help of our agents.


Not giving people your email address is a good way to start but if your customers get hold of your email address when you reply, they will try to reach out to you on the same.

As a workaround, You can choose to remove the forwarding rule set-up in your email inbox and disable requester notifications, which will be sent from the primary support email address.

The drawback here would be that the customers could still raise tickets by email, but just that there wouldn’t be any notification.

Additionally, if you prefer to allow certain customers alone to write an email/raise a ticket, that's possible with the help of domain whitelisting.


But in any case,  we will not be able to stop the inbound emails from creating. But if the customers reaches out to you, you can can send out an email notification using ticket creation automations in return saying, this email address is only for outbound purposes, please don't reply to this email. Or something similar to that - so the customers will know that they can't get hold of you and will stop trying.

​Happy Freshdesking! :)