How good is the Zendesk migration process ?

  • 8 December 2015
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We're contemplating a migration from Zendesk. I read about the XML export option, which was enabled in our Zendesk instance upon request, but did anyone her actually live through the migration ? I am particularly interested in issues relating to open tickets migrating over.

4 replies

Hello Paul,

Well, I know I'm too late in responding to this thread and I hope you would accept my apologies. I could see that you've been using FreshDesk for a good period of time and I hope our agents were able to assist you over the migration. Should you have any concerns/questions,please shoot an E-Mail to .


Update :

We now have a robust tool that will automatically import helpdesk data from Zendesk. For more details , visit Zendesk migration .


Hello, I guess the answer is a little late for now, but I'm sure it will help others with a similar issue. 

You can use Help Desk Migration service in this case. It requires no coding expertise to migrate a Zendesk database to Freshdesk. By the way, there will be no issues with transferring tickets of any status, including Open ones. The links between the data will be maintained. And the tool is possible to test free of charge. 

You can find more information about Zendesk to Freshdesk data migration here:

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Thanks for sharing your findings @marketing_18518 



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