Webhook to create a new ticket

  • 22 February 2020
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I'm trying to setup an automation rule so that when a customer replies to a Closed ticket, that instead of it reopening that same ticket, instead the last public comment is used to create a new ticket via a webhook.

I'm not of a coding background, but have tried to figure it out using the documentation. 

Here is what I have done:

Request Type: POST

URL: https://ourdomain.freshdesk.com/api/v2/tickets

Requires authentication: I've tried my API key AND my username and password, neither seem to work. I've also tried without the 'Requires authentication' box ticked.

Encoding: JSON

Content: Simple (using the dropdown)

(subject, last public comment, source, ticket type)

I just need the basic info, the most important thing is obviously the last public comment (email) that the customer sent in to us. Subject I also want to keep, so we have the same ticket subject and we can amend this if necessary. The rest is nice to have.

I received an automated email yesterday saying that it isn't working, and I should configure it so it does... but... there is no information on why it's not working and I can't find any logs that also show/explain why.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


2 replies

Hello Simon!

We could see that this was resolved for you on the ticket that you had raised with us. Feel free to drop in an email to support@freshdesk.com for any further queries in the future.

Happy to assist you, anytime. Cheers!



I am trying to achieve the same result, but have not been successful. The support agent at Freshdesk has not been able to help with the setup. How did you do it, @simon.harris88?