2 Teams in the same sales process

  • 14 April 2021
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Hello community,


We are looking for to set one team to prospecting and then another to negociate and close deals.



The idea is to have to specialized teams, so in this case team A will be working with the prospect until it got qualified. Then another team will continue the process and will close the deal.


Have someone set something like this in freshsales? We have not solve yet how to autoassign to team B, and where teams should be performing their tasks, but we have thought in a couple of alternatives:

  1. Team A will be working in Freshsales leads module until conversion and then the deal will be in hands of the team B. In that case how can we autoassign the deal to team B?
  2. Team A will be working in Freshsales leads module, then convert into a certain pipeline and then from certain stage team B start working. In that case, how can we autoassign the deal to team B

If you have something similar or ideas please share them with me. I’ll be happy to read you!





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Hi Ignacio,

Your use case can be solved with one of two approaches.

Approach 1: Using Leads & Deals

  1. Team A is only involved in prospecting/qualifying so should be part of leads. A territory rule is set to assign these records to Team A
  2. Create a custom checkbox field for leads titled “Assign to Team B”. This field should also be mapped to the contacts module.


  3. Once a lead is converted to a Contact, you can click the checkbox "Assign to Team B" (This is also mapped to contact)


  4. Set up a workflow to check if "Assign to Team B"(custom field value) is yes, trigger a deal creation through workflow. Also set up the Sales Owner to be empty.


  5. Through custom app, auto assign these deals to Team B in a round robin fashion for Negotiating/Closing

Approach 2 : Use only leads module

  1. Create custom stages for the leads module to include the stage Negotiation


  2. On lead creation assign to Team A via Territory rule 1


  3. Set up a workflow that triggers a webhook when the stage is Negotiation,
    Update the record with 
    Update lead : Territory : Null, Sales Owner : Null,
    Assign to Team B(custom field) : Yes
  4. Set up a Territory rule 2 that checks for conditions and assigns the record to Team B. This way you can reassign territory & sales owner to team B