Bug: MIs-labeled sales owner field on import/export can cause duplicate data or other issues

  • 2 April 2021
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Exported deals and accounts have "Sales owner" which is the first/last name.  But upon import, a required field is called 'Sales owner" which expects email address.

This is misleading and can easily result in a user mapping the "Sales owner" field in exported file to "Sales owner" field in CRM.  This results in all the records getting the default sales owner. 

Two issues:

1) MOST Importantly - there is NO error or warning about this.  It should be considered an error condition when sales owner field is not an email and record should not import when no matching sales owner found.  Having a default sales owner should be an optional action (not default) at import.

2) The column names are confusing and lead to this issue.

2a.  the exported colum should have been labeled "Sales owner name".  And in order to allow import, the email should be included in export.   Better yet, just export the sales owner email.

3) the mapping UI should make this all more clear.


As noted, the biggest issue with this is its completely caused by poor labeling of the exported data files in combination with mis-labeled import fields making this all too likely that a user will make this mistake.  The UI currently actually forces a user down this path.


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Hey Steve, 

Greetings from the Freshworks CRM support team. 

We do have the option to choose a default sales owner while importing in the import section as shown below, 

This way, you will be able to choose the common owner for all the records that you’ll be importing. 

Understood, but it seems that misses my point.  My point is that the current user interface / workflow is confusing and by the mis-use of labels it may lead to data issues.


It is exactly my point that if a name does not match, you end up with the default sales owner which means that you may have exported 1000s of records, each with valid and different sales owners.  And then upon import all the sales owners get changed to a single person which would be a significant data loss if not identified and corrected right away.


I hope this i clear to me.  IMO this would be at least a P2 if not a P1 bug.