Can a contact be processed by a Sales sequence multiple times?

  • 22 August 2021
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I’m using “Add contacts to the sequence” with “Add by conditions”.  I would like to understand if a contact can be processed by a sales automation more than once.  I can’t quite tell from documentation if this is the case.

I know that for Journey’s there is specific configuration to indicate if a contact can repeat a journey.  I don’t see similar configuration on Sales Sequences.

In my example, I have a Sales Sequence that uses “Add Contacts to the sequence” with “Add by Conditions” using the following conditions:


The sequence sends a single email and completes. 


Question 1: Will the contact get multiple emails, one for each day after Training start date if the Training status stays as Enrolled?

Question 2: If the start date is later changed and Training status put back in “Enrolled” status, will the contact be processed by the Sales Sequence again?



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Hello Steve, 

Greetings from the Freshworks Community. 

  1. The sales sequence emails or steps will run for a contact only once and the same contact can not be added to the completed sequence again. 
  2. The emails will be sent out based on the day declared by you. For example, if you have created a classic sequence and mentioned, the first email should go out on day 1 (the day at which the contacts enter the sequence) and the consecutive steps on day 3, 5 etc. Then the email defined for the respective day will only be sent out once to the contact. 
  3. No, once a particular step has run or the day has passed, it will move on to the next step only. 

I hope this clarifies. Do let us know in case of further queries at, our support team will be happy to help you out.