Export bulk Contact (for eg. to csv file)

  • 12 August 2021
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Hi all,


I am exploring on Freshwork CRM. Can anyone please advise how to bulk export Contacts, Deals records?


I have found similar question at the below thread. It says need to first create a Report, and then select ‘Tabular’ in the view. 

However it’s not helpful in my case, as in my report view there is no ‘Tabular’ option to select, only ‘Number’ (The author of this thread was having the same issue with me, he doesn’t have ‘Tabular’ option too).

So, this thread is not helpful to me. 


Could anyone please advise?




2 replies

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Kindly navigate to Admin Settings → ‘Account Settings’ section at the bottom of the page → Account → Click on ‘Export Data’ button on the right corner. 

This will generate a zip file for all the modules in CRM & the related records

Note : This bulk export can be made only once in 24 hours

Some updates:

I have found this , where at the report that I created, click to Edit the Widget, then at the Editing view, click the ‘Show underlying data’ at the bottom, it will expand & show the tabular data. 

Click on the export icon on top right to Export. It says it will send to my email once it’s been processed. But it’s been 2 hours & I have yet to received, so I am not sure if this is working





Further to this question. Would also like to know is there any way that we can build a custom button to be placed at the Contact listing page (maybe using some scripts?).  When click on this button and it would do the export to csv file. (with some rules for eg. only export a Contact where Lifecycle stage = Customer)

Thank you.