Export contacts, accounts or deals to csv in FreshCRM

  • 6 February 2021
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I’m just learning FreshCRM and surprised there is no obvious way to export contacts, accounts or deals to a CSV file.  I expected an option in the contacts, accounts or deals list view to export but its not there.  I looked at Analytics but can’t seem to add columns to the table output.  


The reporting tool in analytics looks like its not extensible.


Is there any way for a sales manager to export a list of contacts, accounts, or deals.  Need to be able to filter to various lists and customize columns for the output.


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Greetings from Freshworks CRM support. 

In order to export a list of Contacts/Accounts/Deals, you would have to create a report by applying the respective filters if any. Once the report is ready, click on the “Save” button on the top left corner and save the report. 


Once the report is saved, you can click on the export icon on the top right and the link to download the report will be sent as an email to your registered email address. 

The above answer did help me arrive at a solution but I found it was missing some steps as described below to get to that point.

  1. Go to Analytics.  Click “New Report”.  Give report a name
  2. Drag in a Charge under the “New” tab on right panel
  3. Click pencil icon on the newly created chart and Save.
  4. Give name and pick the module you want to export (i.e. Deals) and submit
  5. Click Add metric and leave “Deals” “Total” selected as shown below.  Add filters or group by as needed.


  6. Click Apply and then go to “Underlying Data” in 2nd page of report to see the tabular data and edit columns using the gear icon at top right.


@Aishwarya Parthasarathi , I have one doubt.  My view does not look like yours.  I see “Number” at top (not “Tabular”) and I get the summary page.  What are the steps needed to get something more like your view?  I have tried many variations.  Is there a guide that clearly describes all the capabilities of the Analytics tab?  I can’t seem to find help articles that discuss creating tabular output.



In order to view the tabular data, you can click on the “Number” drop-down on the top to choose the format as “tabular” form. 


This will show the tabular form as shown in my previous response. I hope this helps. 

I do not have such an option on my report.


I do not have such an option on my report.


I’m facing the exact same problem. I followed through the process, but now I can’t see a tabular view. Is there any alternative? What is the simple and easy way to export contacts?


You can click on “Underlying data” on the bottom of the report to view the information in Tabular Format.


I hope this helps.