FreshWorks CRM - Webhook event trigger testing failed - But how email notfication received

  • 23 August 2021
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  • Apprentice
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Hi all,


In FreshWork CRM’s Workflow Webhook event trigger, we try to test the Callback URL.

It failed with error code 403.


But we did not receive any notification email telling that this trigger is failed. (As per document:


Can anyone please advise? Please refer to below screens:




1 reply


Greetings from the Freshworks Community. 

The error 403 indicates that the user whose credentials were used in making this request was not authorized to perform this API call. It could be that this API call requires admin level credentials or perhaps the Freshsales portal doesn't have corresponding feature enabled. 

Kindly remove the custom header and click on the “Required authentication” checkbox > enter your login email address and password to see if the webhook triggers without any error. 

Do let us know in case of any further queries at, our support team will be glad to help you out.