How to call custom module fileds data to contact section

  • 1 February 2021
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My requirement is like for example:

I have created one custom module with name Cars selling;

in this i have created 4 custom fields 1. car type 2. price 4. Brand

with this fields i have created some records.

In contacts page i was created 5 custom fields in that 4 fields are same names as above and 5th one is custom_text field.

If i am giving custom_text field TATA. Then it should go and search data in custom module(cars selling )page and Fletch those 4 custom values if TATA is got matched then pick those 4 fileds record data and add it on contacts page in 4 fields.

Is this possible on fresh works CRM. If possible what are the steps we have to follow .




Best answer by Aishwarya Parthasarathi 30 April 2021, 04:47

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Greetings from the Freshworks Community. 

I understand your requirement, however, we currently do not have an option to copy the field values from a custom module and an existing module. We support this feature only between the existing modules (default). 

However, you can simply create a lookup field that will link the records between the two modules. For example, you can create a lookup field for the 5th field and link it with the custom module “Cars selling”

Now, within a contact, if you go to this lookup field and type “TATA” or any other record name that’s present in the custom module, it will automatically appear and you can link them. The related record’s fields can’t be copied. 

This is the expected behavior. I hope this helps.