Creating multiple tickets from a single service request

  • 10 September 2021
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We have certain processes that require multiple departments to complete different tasks related to the same process. Ideally, we would like to fill out one service request that results in separate tickets assigned to different groups.  

We have tried the "additional items" option to create a bundle request, but on the child ticket, you can't see all of the fields of information that was inputted into the parent ticket, and we don't won't to define the same fields for the child request, because then you have to fill out the same information multiple times when filling in the service request.   Even if we wanted the owner of the child ticket to look at the details in the parent ticket, it isn’t always possible because sometimes they don’t have access to the group the parent ticket is assigned to.


The enhancement request below is 5 years old, does speak to some of this, but thus far, there doesn’t seem to be an automated way of having the parent details copy into the child tickets.  (There was a suggestion in the discussion that if the fields on the “additional items” field are named the same as those in the main service request, the system would copy information into them, but I didn’t observe that)


Just wondering if others have tried to do similar things, and if so, how you went about it?  Perhaps there is a completely different way of generating multiple tickets from a single service request than what we have tried to date.



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Is the ticket(s) you wish to create related to employee onboarding by any chance?

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Hi @smoutc , please go ahead and create the fields in the child items that isavailable in the parent item. Make sure you create the fields with the same name. Doing so the associated items on the form would auto fill these details and requester need not fill it for each item again.

OK, that’s helpful.  It hadn’t worked when I had tried it before, but I must have had a slight difference in the field name. 


One follow up question:  Is there a way to “hide” the service catalog entries for the “sub items”, as they should never be requested on their own...only as part of the parent/bundle item.  I tried making them mandatory, but only accessible by “empty” contact and agent groups, but it prevents them from showing up in the parent/bundle request if I do that.