MS Intune Integration With Freshservice

  • 2 September 2021
  • 5 replies

Looking for any feedback on the MS Intune Integration With Freshservice good/bad?


5 replies

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Curious as to what you are looking to achieve? Is it purely to import your Intune devices into the inventory of Freshservice?

Yes, we have the “Active Directory Probe” active already feeding into Freshservice inventory. Curious if the Intune feature would be of any real value. 

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If your running a hybrid AD/Cloud probably no benefit. Intune orch would allow you to bring any devices from Intune into Freshservice. Seems like you have that already with hybrid /AD...

Thanks for the feedback!

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@jberry MS Intune sync with Freshservice would allow you to sync in mobile devices as well which would not be captured by the probe and since this is available on our marketplace for free you could give it a try.