How to change the language of the status page in Freshstatus?

  • 18 April 2021
  • 4 replies

I’m a total Freshworks newbie, so please excuse if I’m asking for something obvious: How can I change the language of the Freshstatus status page? I have seen that many of the items can be localized invididually, but there is still static text like “Ongoing Incidents”, “Duration”, “Last updated”, “Affected services” or the contect of the “Subscribe” feature that are still in English.


Thanks for enlightening me :-)


4 replies

Hi Thomas,

Localization is currently a feature roadmap item. We’ll keep you posted soon we pick it for active development. 


While I say this, before this month end we are planning for a release to support public status page language translation based on the end-users browser language and time zone. Hope this helps to some extent, till we build this feature. 




Hi Kal,


thanks for the feedback. As our customers are non-english-speakers, having a localized user interface is essential and I have consequently chosen a different product to handle our statuspage needs.




@tstaudte sure we understand. Will see how we can expedite this. 

This is a feature, that we are looking foreward to as well :-)

It will be a great improvement.