Have you ever tried AI in sales before?

  • 3 September 2021
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Have you ever tried AI in sales before?
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Implementing AI in sales can help your teams with:

  • Making you more productive by doing dull and monotonous tasks
  • Offering algorithm-based suggestions that can help you take action
  • Helping you progress towards your goals faster than before

Have you ever tried AI in sales before?

1 reply

As per a survey by Oracle in 2017, 80% of business respondents were already using AI chatbot. Their popularity is very well justified. These interactive platforms that communicate in a human-like manner offer several benefits — the biggest being round-the-clock availability on email, SMS, live chat, and apps. As a result, the possibilities for the sales and services team widen considerably.

Many enterprises and GovTech companies rely on AI-powered tools, like the mTraction Survey Platform, which automates tasks, reduces costs and boosts sales.