How helpful has the usage of Chatbots in Service Management been?

  • 22 July 2021
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Chatbots have proved to be effective and beneficial when adopted the right way. They have the potential for businesses and organizations to tremendously save on service and support costs, speed up response times, and make their support staff for more challenging work. 

I’d like to hear from our members about their experiences around the following:

  1. How has chatbot adoption and usage personally helped you or not helped you in your service management journey?
  2. What were some mistakes or roadblocks that you faced in this journey of adopting chatbots?
  3. How do you see the future of chatbot adoption within your organization?
  4. As a user/ consumer of a product/ service, do you prefer chatbots or any other means of receiving support?

Looking forward to hearing from you all! I’ll be sharing some of my personal experiences as well shortly :)

1 reply

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Re Q4. I prefer a chatbot when it works well for my need. But, as with self-service per se, I find some chatbots work great and others not so much. Usually dependent on how well user needs and service/support journeys have been considered in the chatbot design.