Tech Tuesdays - S02E01 | Right-Sizing AI: The precursor to speed, scale & delight.

  • 2 November 2021
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With organizations’ business operations – and even their viability – now all-but inseparable from their IT infrastructure foundations, ITSM and ITOM have become critically important capabilities. These management disciplines, however, face the challenge of overseeing an IT landscape that is increasingly complex, dispersed, and real-time. Effectively managing today’s IT infrastructure and operations requires increased automation and built-in intelligence, resulting in the development and adoption of AI-enabled solutions. However, the need of the hour is how you can do it faster and more efficiently - in a way that delights end-users.

This video series provides insights from the ITSM experts on the range of benefits delivered by AI-enabled solutions and how to realize these benefits faster. In episode 1, we discuss the impact, costs, and benefits of AI in ITSM.

Watch the video here:

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