ERP Vs CRM: What's your pick?

ERP Vs CRM: What's your pick?
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One of the key factors that can help you choose between ERP and CRM software is scale capability. A free version of a business software can work wonders for a startup with limited budgets, and is not the optimal choice for an enterprise company, which may require more features and have more users. There may not be many bells and whistles in a free tool, but if the essential features are sufficient, it will help run and build your startup. Similarly, a CRM offers a free version that can be topped up with features as required, when the business grows, making it optimal for small and large businesses. ERPs are even more difficult for startups as they drain a lot of capital and human resources available and might inhibit growth at the development stage. 

There are many more factors that can help you choose between the two crucial software for your business. We get you all the details:  ERP Vs. CRM: What is best for your business?


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