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The Magic of Automation for CompanyStore!

  • 17 November 2022
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The Magic of Automation for CompanyStore!
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Badge +3, deals with corporate, promotional merchandise and gifting. Both offline and online, all over the APAC region. 🎁

The company was facing high volume, and did not have enough manpower to handle all the queries coming in efficiently. In the gifting industry, volumes are seasonal, and 90% of queries can be treated with a single response. With a large offline presence, email was the main form of support for customers, while an online widget is available for online customers.

Secondly, orders are dispatched in batches, with quantities in the thousands. This means there are cases where a few members of a team have not received the gifts, which can lead to unsatisfied customers.

With a need to maintain SLAs and address general queries coming in with limited hands-on deck, I discovered automations while exploring Freshdesk, and implemented it immediately.

📢 Here are my two tips to overcome such problems –

  • Using automation to execute responses to common queries such as 'how much time will it take to process the order' or 'can the order be modified'.
  • Setting an automation as soon as a ticket comes in, reducing ticketing flow drastically. As soon as a response was sent out, the ticket was closed automatically. In cases where the customer was not satisfied, they could easily re-open the ticket that would then be assigned to an agent to address personally.






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