A Customer Service Master Practice: Unexpressed Wishes and Unasked Questions

  • 23 November 2021
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ABasic customer service takes care of customers’ expressed wishes and answers their stated questions.  (The customer requests something, and you provide it to them; the customer asks a question and you answer it.)


Of course, these basics are important. But world-class customer service also seeks out what’s been left unexpressed or unasked.  This is a master practice of customer service and one that brings the service you provide up to an entirely higher plane.  


Why would customers not ask for something they would benefit from?  There are three basic reasons:

  1. They’re not technically knowledgeable enough to know they would benefit from it (you, after all, are the professional, the expert) 
  2. They simply don’t know that it’s available, that you offer it.
  3. They’re not an assertive person in public and they “don’t want to be a bother.” 

By stepping in proactively to serve them on this deeper level, you can become, and stay, head and shoulders above your competition. Plus, it’s a good feeling. 



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