🎥 [A Micah Solomon Feature] Ignore your customers (and they will go away)

  • 30 September 2021
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🎥 [A Micah Solomon Feature] Ignore your customers (and they will go away)
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Hey Community & CX experts :hand_splayed:


I am thrilled to be introducing @Micah Solomon (if you haven’t already heard of him), customer experience and customer service consultant, subject matter expert and author of 5 books today!


Watch his video on the topic of his new book, ‘Ignore your customers (and they will go away)’  :point_down:





Customer experience is the new marketing. 93% customers say they make decisions in full or part based on word of mouth recommendations, or as Micah puts in word of thumb.


From sharing a glimpse into the world of Don Draper, a fascinating conversation between an Amazon agent, Thor and a customer, Odin, and a heartwarming incident on the Seabourne Cruise Line, Micah takes us through his 5 principles for creating exceptional customer experiences -


1. Today’s customers are the enemies of stupid 

2. Beware of the cliff of dissatisfaction - Perceived timeliness is what matters i.e you are able to match the consumers scheduling expectations. 

3. Today’s customers prefer an eye level, peer-on-peer style of service

4. Aim to create moments of everyday WOW - This brings more value to a conversation. A WOW of recognition can make all the difference.

5. Today’s customers value the chance of collecting social currency -  Brands that make it easy for customers to collect and then share experiences will succeed. 


Looking forward to seeing you in the comments section to continue the conversation...

3 replies

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So delighted, Rhea, to be part of the Refresh community! 

Thank you for the introduction!

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This is a solid one on how you can elevate your customer experience from 0-100 (at least 80 :grinning:)  real fast!

It really is the bits & pieces when combined together that can create a ecosystem for your customers to enjoy the experience throughout their lifecycle. :clap_tone3::clap_tone3:

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Thank you, @ThatCommunityGuy!

If anyone would like three (!) free chapters from the book as well, Ignore Your Customers (and they’ll go away),  I’m giving them away free here: