Community Hours 28th July 2022: Supercharge App Configuration with Iparams!

  • 20 July 2022
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Learn how to accept user-defined configuration in apps using "iparams" and custom installation page. You're invited to attend our next 'Community Hours' session on Thursday, 28th July at 2:00 PM CET. Don't forget to register early and block your calendar.



Supercharge App Configuration with Iparams



Jones Zachariah Noel N - Senior Developer Advocate at Freshworks (Follow Jones)



28th July 2022

5:30 pm IST (India)| 2:00 pm CET| 1:00 pm GMT (London)

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  • Introduction to app configuration

  • What are Installation Parameters

  • How to accept sensitive data

  • Validate user input using iparams.js

  • Define iparams for OAuth

  • Build a customized installation experience

  • Q&A


What’s in it for me?

Most Freshworks apps need to accept custom configurations from users. For example, an app that sends HTTP requests usually needs to get the API credentials and server hostname to send a request.

Installation Parameters (iparams) provide an API to accept user-defined configurations during app installation. These values can then be used in the app at runtime, and edited by admins later on.

Taking a cue from the recent increase of queries around iparams in the community forum, this session will cover the details of all the features app developers can use to accept user-defined configurations for their app.


You can also have your question ready beforehand, as we have a live Q&A during the session, where our fantastic DevExperts will be answering all of your questions.

Can’t attend live? You should still register. We’ll share the recording after the session.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next event!



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