Customers want faster, more personalized experiences. How can agents provide that for them?

  • 29 April 2022
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Customers recently reported that they’d rather be stuck in a traffic jam than have a bad customer experience! We know they want things that are faster, more personalized and more pleasant. I’m excited about how chatbots, centralized customer data, and friendlier agent tools can help these experiences happen.

But we know the AGENT sometimes puts on the superhero cape and gets things done - regardless of obstacles or challenges!

What are some of the ways agents can help make experiences faster, more personalized, and more pleasant for the customer? Let’s share our best ideas here so others can learn and grow! (And the customers will benefit!)

3 replies

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I always think that a good place to start is ensuring that all employees appreciate what customers mean to the business.

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I have to agree with @manns. Getting employees to realize how valuable the customer is will set them up with a self-less service first attitude. A few ways to insure this is their mindset is to help the agent by giving them the necessary tools to be efficient and effective. This builds their confidence and allows them to start off on the right foot at the point of interaction. Secondly, is to give Agents on outlet to voice their experiences and concerns. Having good communication isn’t only necessary between the agent and customer but also between Agent and Agent, as well as Agent to Supervisor.

Once the Agent is in the correct mindset, then it all boils down to proper training and tools that will equip the Agent to provide superior customer service. Finding ways to make the software they use easier to learn, manage, and implement.

Just a couple thoughts of mine lol :)

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Great replies. The way we separate the WHY of what we do from the WHAT and HOW often leads to employees feeling disengaged. The daily efforts of their role aren’t connected to the bigger picture of what success is at the company and isn’t connected to the very human needs of customers.

@zachary.king love that you brought up the necessary tools, too. We expect agents to be superheroes but need to be sure they have the right gadgets!