CX Snapshot : Chuck Norris Vs. Tom Hanks

  • 18 February 2021
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Most businesses have jumped into the chatbot bandwagon in recent times, enamored by its sheer reach (through Messaging channels) and results that are measurable. But the sad part is, most chatbots are annoying. Take for example, the infamous Poncho bot, which turned out to be a success at first but aged like ermmm.. Milk. 

The problem? It’s because they treat their chatbots like an extra - rather than like a hero, wasting away its potential. And the result? We get bots that are too rigid or bots that try way too hard, putting Chuck Norris to shame. 

But we’re telling you, the hype is real. When leveraged correctly, bots can increase revenue and cut costs, and here’s a free guide to designing chatbot workflows that won’t make your customers roll their eyes. 

A Guide to Designing Q&A Chat Workflows Your Customers Will Actually Love 


Here’s more: 

Finally, a worthy opponent!

Chatbot Vs Livechat - Which is better for your business? Both give promising results, are widely preferred, and choosing between them can be tricky. After a lot of overthinking, we’ve put together a list of factors that’ll help you decide for yourself. 

A game of Pretend:

An interesting read about how Ami Ben-David went undercover as a bot, and his learnings. 

A personal finance bot that roasts me?


We spoke about hilarious chatbot fails, and to maintain balance in the universe, here are a few chatbots that we think y’all could get some inspiration from.


Here’s what else we found interesting: 

Summing up, a chatbot can make or break your CX and your wallet, depending on whether it’s Chuck Norris or Tom Hanks. 


Thanks for scrolling, 

Team Freshworks. 

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