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  • 18 February 2021
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Welcome to the first edition of the CX Snapshot, our sincere effort to keep you informed about everything CX that’s worth sharing. 

Talking of which, It’s easy to assume that COVID-19 was the primary reason for CX to be transformed the way it is now, but here’s the tea - even before the pandemic hit us, CX was slowly rising to become one of the key brand differentiators for many companies. 

But this pandemic really did unceremoniously shove the business world towards change and we wanted to capture the whole drama. We surveyed around 1500 CX leaders across the globe to understand the shifting trends, priorities, and predictions for 2021, especially around being remote-ready. 

We did the math so that you don’t have to, and you can get your free copy of the report here: 

The New CX Mandate : US edition 


We’re not done yet, here’s more:

1.If you own an e-commerce business, don’t be like this brand:

The traditional marketing mix is outdated. 


(Yes, we just said it) 

Right now, customers want to hear and experience a value-based brand story and expect good customer-engagement and an unforgettable experience. Hear it from Divya in this blogpost who breaks down the new 4P’s that a customer-centric business should focus on, after having a regrettable experience with one of her favorite brands. 

2.Search and destroy customer pain-points: 

In this blog post, we discuss how to find out what irks your customers, and stop doing it. 

3.Crisis Management lessons to learn from #Gamestock:

The Gamestop story, although unique, has a lot more to offer than a cheeky smile. See what else you can learn from the Gamestop phenomenon, apart from the obvious lesson: Don’t underestimate the masses.


Here’s what else we found interesting:


Summing up, last year everything was cake, and this year, it looks like everything is CX. ​​​​​​​


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Team Freshworks. 

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