CX Snapshot : We’re dealing with Blair Waldorfs here.

  • 19 February 2021
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It’s no secret that customers are pretty hard to please nowadays, and they’re being spoiled by a variety of brands right, left, and center (think Blair Waldorf) competing solely on customer experience. They even have a cool name for this - “The Amazon Effect” 


So since we’re dealing with customers with high expectations, An Omnichannel customer experience strategy kind of becomes an imperative rather than a choice. But a lot of us, when we think Omnichannel, we think of communicating with customers on many different channels. But in fact, the secret to an omnichannel experience that blows your customers’ minds is creating a seamless transition across channels and building cohesive, personalized experiences. 

And it’s not even a secret anymore. Download your free copy of this guide where we’ve tried to break down the 11 herbs and spices of creating a winning Omnichannel strategy. Trust me, you really want to read this 👇

The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel Customer Service

Here’s more: 

Same same but different:

Learn the difference between Omni-channel and Multi-channel support, and which one is right for your business.

Call flow templates that deliver ‘wow’ moments

All it takes to convert callers’ yawns into wows is some effort, time, and thoughtfulness, or this nifty collection of call flow templates.

Winning over Gen-Z

Gen Z’s have started trickling into the workforce since 2016, and they hold around $44 billion of buying power as of 2018. Here’s an interesting read on understanding Gen z’s so that you can tailor your CX accordingly. 

Here’s what else we found interesting: 

Summing up, Customers make decisions based on how easy companies make it to transact with them, and if you snooze you lose babies. 


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