Keeping your attitude fresh on the 4,733rd similar call

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One of the essential success skills for a customer-facing employee is the ability to keep your attitude fresh: to see things through the eyes of your caller, without growing jaded. 

The principle to remember, of course, is this: 

Even if this is the  4,733rd case of its kind that you’ve worked on this week, to your customer it’s the only one. My favorite take on this came from a bus-tour operator at a conference for SYTA (the Student and Youth Travel Association), explaining the attitude he brought to work every day: 

‘‘No matter how many times I’ve previously given a tour of the government sites in Washington, D.C., for example, I consciously work to remember that for this group of kids this tour is their first and maybe only one.’’


What techniques are you using to keep your attitude fresh every time you connect onto a new (but oh so similar) call? Is the conscious reframing of my SYTA friend enough? Is there more that you do? I’d love to hear. 


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