"Plus-One" customer service: a secret of connection and growth

  • 19 July 2021
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I want to share one of my favorite principles of both conducting and explaining what great customer service looks like.   

It’s the principle of “plus-one” customer service.

Any time you interact with a customer, strive to add a “plus one.” The “plus one” can be a do-extra: giving them more of your effort than they asked for or reasonably can expect.  Or it can be a tell-extra: answering an important question they didn’t think to ask. 

Strive to practice “plus one” customer service whenever you can find or create a “do extra” or “tell extra” opportunity. It truly builds connection with customers, and keeps your brand/company out of the dreaded “commodity zone” where you’re considered interchangeable with the competition. 


In your day to day work with customers, do you practice “plus-one” or something similar? I’d love to hear. 


Micah Solomon 

Author • ​Forbes Senior Contributor • Customer Service Consultant

President and CEO, Four Aces Inc. 


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2 replies

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So true @Micah Solomon ! As someone who works in the events marketing space, going the extra mile to keep clients or customers happy is crucial. Whether it be spending a little extra time to answer questions or remembering details shared from another event, it really just comes down to doing more than expected to foster long term relationships. :) 

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Totally, @Ishan! In the envents marketing space where you work, that’s exactly what your clients need--and your business needs, to keep it thriving.  Whenever, as with what you do, there are lots of moving parts, lots of uncertainties, lots of potential stress points,  practicing plus-one customer service of both the “do extra” and “tell extra” variety is a huge comfort to customers and ultimately a growth engine for your own success.