Retain Top Talent with Better Customer Experience

  • 6 April 2022
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🖐️Hi there! I’m curious what you have to say!

Teams today are struggling with employees moving from one job to the next or “the great resignation” or other labor shortages. I personally have seen how delivering a great customer experience and focusing on ways to make employees more efficient and effective helps reduce employee turnover. And referred job candidates tend to get hired faster and stay longer, so it seems like a huge opportunity to encourage employees to refer others.

But many organizations don’t ask current employees what they like or what the organization can provide for them to deliver a better experience. I’m curious, have you participated as an employee in a “stay” interview, not just an exit interview when you leave? Did you see changes? Did they close the loop with you on your feedback?

My hope is that leaders are starting to realize the value in checking in more often with employees on their experiences. What do you think?

3 replies

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I don’t think I’ve had an exit interview in my 32 years of full-time work but I love the idea of a “stay” interview :)

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I have to agree with @manns, I also have not had an exit interview while working in the industry. The only one I experienced was when I was finished serving in the Military (and that was more to make sure they got all their equipment back lol). However, we just recently adopted a new software platform to enhance the employer to employee review process. Now employees have a the ability to request 1:1 meetings with supervisors, have a platform that encourages employees to raise awareness to issues, or ask questions and have those questions answered and documented. I have heard some great feedback after this first round of reviews and think that this tool could help open the doors to two way communication and enhance the employee experience.

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Wow! No exit interviews!? That’s such a missed opportunity for employers to understand what might help employees stay and why they leave!

I love the idea of stay interviews, too, @manns, and I love employee journey mapping as a strategy, too.

That software sounds great, @zachary.king and like something that focuses on turning feedback into action steps - which I love.

I wonder why more organizations don't gather feedback from employees??