Announcing the launch of The CX Review

  • 17 September 2021
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Announcing the launch of The CX Review
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We are thrilled to present to you The CX Review - a thought leadership publication on CX that lives to serve those who care deeply about customer experiences.

Through high-quality writing, The CX Review will dive deep into all matters of CX from a place of genuine curiosity. It explores popular notions, unpacks truths, and clears the path for delightful CX strategies.

The inaugural issue addresses how to manage uncertainties to ensure customer-centricity. In the light of the global pandemic, a whole range of complex and unfamiliar problems have come up for business leaders, especially those in customer-facing roles.

Read the inaugural here:

A huge shoutout to @meeta.sharma who has spearhaded the efforts in launching this. Feel free to reach out to Meeta, @ThatCommunityGuy, or me for any feedback / assistance.

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