How satisfied are you with your new employee onboarding processes?

  • 12 August 2021
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88% of employees don't believe their organizations onboard well and

A Glassdoor study states that a great onboarding experience can increase the new hire retention by 82%

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2 replies

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While delays and poor experiences still happen, I’m always reminded of a bank a decade ago that would commonly provide new employees with their (own) IT equipment a month after they started. And simple such disconnects between departments can still cause unhealthy delays in provisioning and potentially employee productivity.

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I have had good, neutral and really bad experiences with onboarding. An internship that I had got back in college treated their interns like they never existed (we were not paid) and we hardly got any perks or glimpse of the actual work environment. It was one month of just work, we didn’t have any formal onboarding and we were just handed over some papers to sign and we were sent off to a room to begin work. I’ve had instances where the onboarding sessions have been detailed and helpful but the follow-ups like IT assets, access to software took really really long time. I remember taking my own system to work for almost 3 weeks of joining and then once I got my own system, I had to transfer all those files to the new system. My last 2 experiences have been really good and have nothing to complain about. I think organizations are also slowly starting to realize the importance of employee onboarding (more so with remote recruitment) and how it can help create a lasting impact and retain their employees.