Investing in a mentally healthy culture

  • 10 August 2021
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In the latest article on, wellbeing expert Emma Vallely calls on IT leaders to do more to help with employee mental health issues:

What have you or your manager done in 2021 to help - either others or yourself - in 2021?

Please let me know in a response. Thanks.

3 replies

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For myself:

  • Investing time in therapy (doing it since 2020)
  • Drawing my boundaries (trying to) between work, personal life and passion
  • Taking guilt-free time off from work or anything that I do not have the energy for
  • Learning to be kind to myself!
  • Taking time to do things I love to do - cooking, gardening, writing, reading or just resting and not doing anything at all

For my peers:

  • Check-in on them every now and then
  • Being empathetic
  • Doing small things to stay in touch - writing letters to each other, doing occasional video calls, sending them tiny surprises (mostly food)
  • Just listen to them if they need me to - without judgements or any need to find a solution for them!

Would love to hear from the others as well :)

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I am liking how we have conversations around a mentally healthy work culture - which has always been very essential. 

While I manage a very small team, there has hardly prevailed any hierarchy and we have always strived to work as one unit. With remote work, a lot of our working styles had changed - no more white boards and conference rooms and everything was through video conferencing tools or working in silos. Burnout was something mostly all of us faced at different points, but what stood still was compassion and empathy. I’ve never turned down leave requests from my team and I never felt I should ask them a reason for it - if they felt they need a break from work, they should take it. We try to understand each other’s work schedules and timings and work accordingly. Our communication channels are also time bound to ensure there ain’t anything sent out during non-working hours.

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My manager introduced open check-in windows on her calendar where we (as in anyone reporting to her or anyone whom she is mentoring) can book a slot with her to just chat about literally anything - work, personal or anything else. She even gives us an option to be present for our calls virtually or drop in our updates over chat (Zoom fatigue is real and we all felt it at some point in the last year). We as a team also understood that each one is present in their personal spaces now during work and this also meant their attention is now required at home too - with family, kids, parents, personal work etc. I really like how we were able or still trying to draw our boundaries and discuss that with our peers and be comfortable doing so too. It wasn’t easy for us at all to come to this place of understanding as a team. But with time and proper communication, it is so much better and healthier now.