What are some tips for IT Agent Productivity?

  • 25 August 2021
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What are some tips for IT Agent Productivity?
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The life of an IT agent at work can involve juggling multiple hats, crossing various hurdles and providing support to varying requests effectively on time.

Here are some tips that may be of help to ensure Agent productivity:

  • Do your research - spend some time to look out for ticket history in order to help you provide the right solution
  • Make best use of the Knowledge Base - If there are existing solutions, point them in the right direction rather than doing all the work from scratch
  • Use canned responses and templates -  These help you send quick first response to end users and reduce redundant activities
  • Write a detailed transcript or ticket note - Documenting your proceedings will help your peers in future to get context and support in a better way
  • Choose and Maintain a personal tool to help you manage your tasks efficiently
  • Ask for help/ Collaborate whenever required

Share some tips that you can recommend for IT agents to stay productive at their work!

5 replies

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Get agreement on what’s most important - not just the priority of tickets but also how they’re handled. This might need the re-evaluation of metrics such that speed isn’t always seen as the priority. After all, a dollar saved in IT support costs might cause the business to lose 10x more - in lost productivity - than what’s saved.

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In addition to the already-mentioned use of knowledge articles (and scripts) and templates, there are two other areas I’d call out.

  1. Listening more, which might save on wasted time and effort.
  2. Using automation, and intelligent automation, to amplify analyst capabilities (and productivity).
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Great points @manns. I second these!

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We are beginning to teach “Experience 360” to our techs and engineers. The support experience a requester receives should be uniform reqardless of geographical location and what ops center or tech is assigned the case.

For my team, consistent quality resolutions generate great CSAT scores which represent happy customers. CSAT scores are one metric that is used to monitor our departmental progress.

Gamification, is another way and would love to see some improvements around this in Freshservice soon! (IE, badges for change management, problem management, alerts, tasks and projects)

Competing against collogues is health when done correctly. We issue cash prices (Bonuses) or gift cards based on CSAT and gamifications badges.

Finally, automation is major for us. The more we automate, the more time a support tech has to ensure the “support experience” is on track and not simply “cranking out” or closing tickets.


I agree with the approach “It’s not about volume its about value” when it come to ticket closure.  “Support Experience” is the key.


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Thank you @mmccoy for those great points!!! Support Experience is definitely the key, I agree.