Why is Emotional Wellbeing of your staff important?

Why is Emotional Wellbeing of  your staff important?
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According to the ‘ITSM 2021 & Beyond’ report by Freshworks and the Service Desk Institute (SDI), almost half of the IT professionals surveyed felt that COVID-19 damaged their emotional well-being. Around 60% of IT professionals felt their work life was responsible for making their emotional wellbeing worse.

People are an organisation’s greatest asset. They are also the key to an organisation’s productivity, profitability and reputation. Neglecting the well-being of employees will adversely affect the whole business.

There are ways to improve employee experience (EX) and prevent workplace stress related burnout, low morale, mental and physical illness. It’s worth noting that reducing the impact of these issues could have a significant impact on productivity, churn and ultimately the bottom line. It can also increase the desirability of the business as an employer of choice and so give the business access to a better quality pool of potential employees.

What are some steps taken by your business/ organization towards employee well-being?

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One of the things our wellbeing surveys have repeatedly found is that there’s a link between employees receiving recognition and their wellbeing - that employees who felt that they didn’t receive sufficient recognition are more likely to state wellbeing issues. Whereas those that say they get recognition are far less likely have wellbeing issues. It’s probably far more complicated than this this but worth considering as a manager in particular.

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The pandemic has stressed the importance of mental health and well-being among all of us to a great extent. I only wish this level of awareness and importance was given even before that. But I am happy it’s slowly happening and there’s still a long way to go though.

Employee well-being is for sure something every organization should set as their top priority if they truly value their employees as their own people/ one among them. Providing facilities and allowances that can support the employees journey with us is going to lead to happier, more content and in-turn more productive folks. Organizations and leaders should start seeing employee well-being as an investment that their making and something that will give long-lasting and more valuable returns.