Why are calls not ringing to specific agents although they have been added as an agent in Freshcaller?

  • 14 July 2020
  • 1 reply

After the agents are added under the admin->agents section in Freshcaller, please make sure that they are added to the specific teams they need to be a part of. Only then, the calls would ring to the agents who are a part of it. To verify this, please go to admin->teams and check if their names have been entered correctly. Once team information is added, the team name and the number of agents in the team can be viewed in the Teams tab.

1 reply

We are getting agents in ‘Available’ whilst in the correct Teams who need to change their status from Available to another status and then back into Available.  How can we diagnose this and also see the impact this is having for individual agents and the average call wait time?