4000 spam accounts..

  • 12 April 2019
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We just got spammed with nearly 4000 accounts created in 10 minutes this morning.

So, it seems the captcha for creating a new account is not working at all..

Now, how can we delete those spam accounts? We can see only 30 accounts at a time in the list, with no way to filter the accounts by creation date or something..

1 reply

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Hi @benoit.connault ,

We hope this was resolved. Our apologies for having missed the opportunity to help you on time.

With respect to such scenarios, there is a bulk ticket deletion API in Freshdesk that allows you to delete 100 tickets at a time. 

If the number of tickets is high, and you feel that the bulk delete API might not be a viable option, you can write to Freshdesk support with a CSV file obtained by exporting the tickets for us to bulk delete those at our end.

​Please get in touch if you’d require more details on this front.


Happy Freshdesking! :)