A field in API response to see if a ticket is closed on time or violate SLA rule

  • 18 March 2014
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 Hi there,

I'm trying to access tickets info from a company web page, which we used as a internal dashboard to collect data and show. I'd love to be able to see if a closed ticket is resolved on time or violate the SLA rule, just as we see in the Tickets menu in freshdesk.

Currently the API only provide me ticket status, which can be CLOSED, and last updated time, which can be later than due date if our support guy operate after ticket closure. Is it possible to add a field to identify if the ticket close late or on time? Or a field of when the ticket is closed will also work.



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2 replies

Hi Sherry,

Did you get any help with this? I am trying to display on a Team Dashboard / TV the current response time statistics for todays tickets via an API.

I have manage to get the tickets to come through the API however am struggling to create a simple response time statistic without reading through every ticket. Anybody out there already done this and could share?



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The first response and resolution SLA violation are indicated by the parameters: fr_escalated and is_escalated respectively. More details on the endpoint and the response here.