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  • 23 December 2013
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Sometimes I receive an email from a 3rd party in response to a query I have sent about a ticket I have open in freshdesk.  Is it possible to somehow forward to an email address etc or import this email response into the ticket without having to copy and paste it into a note.

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4 replies

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Hey Lee, 

Thank you for posting on our Forums. 

If you would like to get information from a third party regarding a particular ticket you have open in Freshdesk, then the best way to go is make use of the "Forward" option. 

You can forward the ticket in Freshdesk to the concerned third party and when he replies, it will automatically be added as a private note in the ticket. 

Let me know if this helped. 


Hi Anna,

I will try using the forward option but it only seems by default to include the original case description.  We will still have many instances where our communication with the vendor will be preferably on external mail system, it would be nice to be able to just forward this to the support email address and if it includes our freshdesk case number simply be added as a note to that case rather than open a new case.

Many thanks



We also really need this feature, has there been any development?



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Sorry for not having responded on this topic for a very long time. In case if you would like to forward only specific content of the thread, you can click on the forward option that opens up upon hovering over the reply. It would include all related conversations in the quoted text section and the reply to this email will actually be appended to the same ticket as a private conversation.