Adding an "Agent Only" tab within our Solutions Page tabs

  • 15 October 2014
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I am wondering how this could be accomplished:

1)  Create a tab within our Help Center/Solutions page, where the tab is labeled 'Admin' and points to the admin portal.  

2)  The Tab would be visible to Agents Only.

I can figure out how to add the tab as I've done that already, but what I can't figure out is how to limit the tab's visibility to Agents only.

Many thanks!

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2 replies

Hi Trace,

How are you? 

You can use the condition provided below to set up a tab that is visible only to a logged in agent.

{% if portal.has_user_signed_in and portal.user.is_agent %}

  Your content

{% endif %}

I know this thread is 4 years old so I don't know whether anything has changed but, I've tried to add this code into a solution article and it hasn't worked. It just gives me paragraph breaks in the code view and just thinks that it's normal content.