Adding fields to customer ticket list view

  • 23 March 2023
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We want to add the ticket type to the ticket list view to make it easier for our customers. Can someone help me customize the portal to include this? Right now, it displays as such:

Ticket subject #ticket ID

Created on date via ticket source

4 replies

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Hi @brownae 

Greetings from Freshdesk community!


We cannot customise the ticket status page in the customer portal to include other fields. The fields that you see there are by default and cannot be modified. 

Feel free to drop a note here incase of further assistance :)



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Hi @brownae ,

Greetings from Freshworks Community!

Just to re iterate, Do you want to display the “Ticket Type” field in the Ticket list page for the customer?

If yes, it’s possible. You can Navigate to Admin->Ticket Fields->Click on “Type” and under Behavious for Customers, please check “Can View”. Then your customers will be able to see the ticket type as well. Please check the screenshot for Reference:


I hope this helps. Please reply back if you were asking for something different.


Jebas D.

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Hi Jebas- thanks for the clarification. We want to display to the ticket type next to the ticket subject in the customer list view:

Can you confirm that this is not possible?

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Hi @brownae ,

You’re welcome!

I’m afraid there is no option available natively to display the Type right next to the Subject.

But there is a workaround. Whenever you update Ticket type, you can append the Ticket Subject with the Ticket type value using Automation(Using webhooks).

Here is the Automation setting: Admin->Automation->Ticket Updates Automation

And the result will look like this:

I understand that this might not be a viable solution. It’s just a workaround for your use.

Please reply back if you have any questions.

Jebas D.