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  • 29 April 2021
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Hi All,

I would like to include an admin account in my Freshdesk instance that is there simply as the account admin.  It would not perform agent duties.  From what I can tell this basic admin account eats up one of my licenses.

Is it possible to have an admin account without an agent role that won’t eat up and agent license?  This is similar to how office365 works, I can have admin accounts with not mailboxes tied to them ( the feature that eats a license)


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Hello @bigshooter, of course, you can, by adding the account admin as an occasional agent. Occasional agents would not be consuming a full-time agent seat but when they need to login, a day pass should be added for them. You can read more about the same here


We suggest you have another admin as an account admin as well, who is a full-time agent so that when the account admin who is an occasional agent has to login, the full-time account admin can navigate to Admin → Account settings → Daypass to add day passes. You can find the cost of the daypass based on your plan and currency here


Only Account admins would be able to add Day passes. 


To make an agent occasional, please navigate to Admin → Agents → Click on the edit option → Choose the toggle ‘Occasional’


Converting full-time agent to occasional agent

I hope this helps! 

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Hello @bigshooter


In addition, an account administrator role would have complete access to Freshdesk, including the billing and account management section. If you wish to restrict the role of an agent, you can make use of custom role functionality and restrict access accordingly. Refer to this article to get detailed insights on the same.



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