Admin Portals - Is portal for support agents required?

  • 17 December 2018
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We created 3 portals:

  1. (soon to be discontinued)
  2. (agent login for internal use only)

I wonder if I misunderstood our setup as {{ticket.url}} field show where I would expect

  • Is required? (It's intended agent internal use only)
  • Can agents just log in using
  • How do we change so that {{ticket.url}} show links?


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4 replies

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Hello Jesper, 

If you're supporting different segments of customers or running multiple brands, you can use different portals for your customers to login. For the agents, it's not going to make much of a difference since the agent side of the portal will not change based on the portal url. You can make the as the primary portal so that the links are constructed using this url.


Hello Aravind,

How do I change to be the primary portal?



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Hello Jesper, 

Since you've already listed the as a product portal, I'm afraid it's not an easy switch to make it the primary portal. You might have to delete the existing portal and then add as the portal url for Xink Default Portal. Since you also have a custom SSL enabled for this url, we might have to see if we need to reset the settings at our end. 

Let me work on these scenarios and get back to you with the optimal solution.


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The URL swap can be done with immediate effect but as I had already mentioned, the SSL certificate has to be re-uploaded to work for the new association. This means that the users visiting the portal will be seeing a security error for a maximum of 2 days.

Let me know how we can go about this.