Admin section - You can easily solve 3x more tickets.

Hi all

Whenever I try and access my admin settings I keep getting a pop up on the screen that informs me 'You can easily solve 3x more tickets. Click on ? to find out how', however I cant get rid of this window.

I click on the ? and it loads the announcements page, but whenever I go back to the admin screen I get the same window.

Any suggestions?

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Same problem here... still stuck on that screen, doesnt move and I can´t change my admin information !

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@Rhys @Cristiano Sorry! You should be able to dismiss the screen and continue to use the admin options. We'll have a close look at this and see how quick we can fix this.


Same issue has just occurred for us today and we now can't access our Solutions, Reports or the Admin tasks, do you have a fix for this?

Me too.  No updates?  

I am not able to dismiss the screen and continue (hence the OP's question, I'm sure ;) ).  Is there a resolution yet?

I had this same issue on Chrome, but changing to Firefox seems to work - no notifications seen.

Hi, I'm having this issue right now too.

It cleared about an hour after I posted my original comment but then happened again when I logged in this morning but over everything and not just the Admin, Solutions and Reports sections. I managed to get rid of it in Chrome by clearing the last 24 hours cache, I'll update if it comes back again tomorrow but we really need this to be resolved ASAP.

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Our sincere apologies! Can you please post a screenshot of the popup that you see on the screen? Is it the same popup with the text 'You can easily solve 3x more tickets'?



Hi, I didn't take a screenshot but yes, that is the message we were receiving. It wasn't just me, the other agents in our environment all got the same message.

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@Craig I've passed the message to the development team and looks like it is indeed an issue with the in app messaging tool that we use. Clearing the cache should temporarily make the banner disappear. We'll see how best we can get this solved quickly



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@Markand everyone, Still not able to dismiss the popup? We've updated the message popup and it shouldn't block you from accessing the page. Cheers!