• 10 March 2015
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AdVantShop.NET is a platform for the creation of a ready-to-use online store.

The AdVantShop.NET widget allows you to view and manage your customers and orders directly from a Freshdesk ticket.

To connect the widget, go to the admin panel of your AdVantShop.NET store and follow the steps below:

1) Go to the "Settings" section.

2) Click the "Mail settings" tab.

3) In the "Freshdesk integration" section specify your account domain name in the field "Freshdesk domain".

For example,

4) Click the "Save" button.

5) In the "Widget code" field copy the code and paste it into the Widget settings field in the Freshdesk.

For this purpose in the section "Admin" -> "Integratons"-> "FreshPlugs" click the "New FreshPlug" button, indicate your "Name" and "Description" and paste a new widget code copied in the "Script" field.

Select the "Show the widget in ticket view page" check box and click "Create and Enable".

Now the AdVantShop.NET widget is displayed on the view page of tickets.

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