Agent Cannot Log In as Agent

  • 26 June 2018
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I've converted a contact to an agent.

They activated as an agent (it was me).

And now I cannot log in as an agent. I get the following error message:

You seem to have already logged in with By proceeding, will be logged out and you can sign in with different email

So, I continue and try to log in as, at which point I get the error message:

You are not allowed to access this page!

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8 replies

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That's so unfortunate. Clicking on proceed to login should take you to a login form where you can login using the email address ( Are you still seeing the error on your browser? Can you please opening up the private mode (or Incognito window) on your browser and see if you're able to login?



I'm having the same problem described by McDowell.

I created a new user, with the same permissions as my own user, and when I try to login I get the error "You are not allowed to access this page!".

Using Private mode and other browsers result in the same behavior.

Do you have any workarounds for this issue?

Best Regards

Miguel Pereira

Thanks for you input McDowell.

I've recreated the user several times.

I found out that I can only login if the user is a contact, as soon as I change it to an agent I get the error message.

Removing the user completely, even from contacts, has the same result.  

Hi Miguel,

I gave you bad info. Deleting and recreating the user did NOT work for me, either.

I had to contact Freshdesk support and spoke with Karthik G (Ticket #2673018).

He replied with:

"We have done a small change from the backend. I would request you to wait for sometime and try logging in again (preferred waiting time around 2 hours) and you will be able to login into the account"

I don't know what they did, but I assume it was some sort of direct database edit. I waited a few hours and then I could log in again.

Experiencing same behavior as users above. Have tried multiple browsers, different computers, clearing cache etc.


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@Christopher: Can you please verify the email address using which you're trying to login to the agent portal? The agent email address associated with your account seems to be C***s@un********

@Miguel The agent information looks legit and you should be able to login without any issues (Perhaps you can try it on the private mode of the browser).

@Guy Glad to know that the login issue has been resolved for you! The error generally comes up when the agent login gets blocked due to consecutive failure login attempts. Karthik might have facilitated the unblocking of your account, which otherwise, would take a minimum of two hours to be automatically unblocked.


The user is working correctly now.

Thank you.

Perhaps you should consider changing the error message.

Best Regards

Miguel Pereira

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Glad to know you're in, Miguel :) Will pass on the feedback to the product team and see how best we can customise the error message on the portal.