Agent not able to log in using Chrome

  • 13 November 2019
  • 4 replies

The screen locks and does not allow any sign in page when using chrome.

4 replies

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As @Antony mentioned, the version of the browser could be one of the possibilities why you faced this issue. Also, we could see that this was resolved for you on the ticket that you had raised with us, @Paul@Damian. Feel free to drop in an email to for any further queries in the future.

Happy to assist you, anytime. Cheers!

My browser is pretty much older. maybe that's why. Thanks.

I've used freshdesk with Chrome for the past 7-8 months and never had an issue like that. Are you using an older version of chrome perhaps? - Here I'm using Version 79.0.3945.88

I have the same problem, is there any way to fix?